Rough around the edges


Well, hi! Welcome to RATE Group. 

We are thrilled to have you with us and want you to know this site as well as each of our properties have been made especially for YOU — our guests, visitors, friends and family.  

Our focus is on unique and historical properties with a story to tell, and creating a design forward experience that make our guests feel like they are simply spending time with their favorite extended family.

RATE was formed by a group of entrepreneurs and extreme travelers with zero hospitality training, yet quite the story book of travel experiences. If we seem a little different than most, good eye, but that would be your answer as to why.  Built for travelers, by travelers, with storytelling at its core. Yes we might be a little — Rough Around The Edges — but we like it that way and promise our grit is where the magic comes from.

Stay a while, ok?
— Jillian & Ian